Poetry Meets Music

Jul 21, 2022 7:00PM—9:00PM


Kress Pavilion 7845 Church St. Egg Harbor, WI 54209

Cost $35.00


Write On is happy to resume our collaboration with Midsummer’s Music, Poetry Meets Music. At one concert in each of Midsummer’s series offerings, a poet will read a poem written in response to a piece of music to be performed. Poets were given recordings in advance with no identifying information as to the title, composer, era, etc., and were asked not to look up this information. The result is a poem composed entirely in response to the emotions or memories the music evokes.

For tonight’s concert, we are pleased to present poet Lauren Ward. Tonight’s concert is Trio Magic featuring works by Laura Netzel, Joachim Turina, and Franz Schubert. To order tickets, please visit Midsummer’s Music.

Lauren Ward doesn’t recall life without poetry. The limestone bluffs, open waters, and cedar forests of Door County frist inspired her to pick up a pen in wonder at a young age. An ever-changing and evoloving muse, the county coutinues to inspire her with its kaleidoscopic mystery and timelessness. Ward spent fifteen years teaching literature and writing to the students of Gibraltar High School. She currently serves as the Elementary Principal at Gibraltar Schools and lives in Sister Bay with her husband and their three children.