About US


Our mission is to inspire and engage writers and readers of all ages, at all stages.

We do this through events and workshops at our Writing Center and within the community, through our residency program, and by offering support to our writers.


  • Write On, Door County started in the spring of 2012 as a way to encourage people of all ages to share their stories. In the spring of 2013, an anonymous gift of property provided the organization a place to call home, and to create a home for writers. The first staff person began in the fall of 2013 and in January 2014, the organization received its nonprofit status. The first writers-in-residence came in April of 2014.

  • Since then, we have hosted hundreds of writers from around the world through our residency program. Classes and workshops have been offered to all ages in every part of the county. Readings and talks have been given by celebrated authors such as United States Poet Laureate Tracy K. Smith, New York Times best-selling humorist Michael Perry, and internationally-acclaimed writer Naomi Shihab Nye.

  • Over the years, programming expanded throughout the community. The first Write On, Door County conference, focusing on Children's Literature, was an enormous success. Annual programs like Kids WOW and Recharge Your Creative Battery became traditions and hallmarks of Write On. In April of 2019, a second conference was held at the Kress Pavilion in Egg Harbor, called Paths to Publication. Write On was growing and the vision for the future became clear.

  • In July of 2019, Write On broke ground on the northern Juddville property to begin building the vision of creating a Writing Center for the Door County community. Designed by the Kubalo Washatko Architects of Mequon, WI and built by Carlson Erickson Builders of Sister Bay, WI, the Writing Center took shape over winter 2019-2020, and in October of 2020, the Write On offices were moved across the street. The Writing Center became the new home and heart of Write On, Door County. In 2022, the Write On campus grew as 20 acres to the northeast was gifted to the organization, adding to the beautiful woods and paths of the land, and expanding the campus to 59 beautiful acres.

Visit Our Writing Center

The Writing Center is located at 4210 Juddville Road, Fish Creek, WI. 

A home for writers and readers, the Writing Center invites you to find sanctuary, community, and peace in our Atrium, Classroom, or on the 59 acres of beautiful trails.

Come to write but also to wander the beaches, visit neighboring islands, hike a wooded trail, bike, sail, kayak, or snowshoe. Summer and fall are peak times for visitors, but the "off-season" is spectacular too.

Meet Our Team

Al DeGenova
Executive Director
Jerod Santek
Founding & Artistic Director

Therese Maring
Administrative Assistant

Board of Directors

Jeff Amstutz
Val Clarizio
Myles Dannhausen, Jr., President
Ann Heyse
Vinni Chomeau
Margaret LeBrun
Tori Martinez
Dee Paulsen
Founding Member
Alessandra Simmons Rolffs
Sara Sohns
Allison Vroman


Write On, Door County is a diverse, inclusive, and equitable place where all participants, resident writers, employees, and volunteers - whatever their gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, age, sexual orientation or identity, education or disability - feel valued and respected. We respect and value diverse life experiences and heritages and ensure that all voices are heard. To that end, we uphold a commitment to a diverse community by nurturing an inclusive, supportive, and welcoming environment.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Write On, Door County is committed to ensuring a safe and healthy place for all participants, staff, and volunteers. If you have been fully vaccinated, you are not required to wear a mask. If you have not been vaccinated, please continue to mask in order to protect yourself and others. 

As the situation continues to evolve, we will continue to follow the recommendations issued by the Centers for Disease Control, the Wisconsin Department of Health, and the Door County Health Department. 

We encourage all of our program participants to follow current protocols. 

Write On, Door County is dedicated to the creation and nurturing of an environment in which everyone feels welcomed as a dignified member of our community, regardless of race, color, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, age, national origin, citizenship status, veteran status, disability, or genetic information. This applies to employment, our residency program, and all of our programming.

Write On, Door County is committed to providing a supportive and nurturing space for all residents, program participants, staff members, and volunteers. We expect participants to treat each other with respect in all interactions.

Expectations of Program Participants, whether online or in-person:

  • Listen carefully
  • Respond thoughtfully
  • Act respectfully
  • Avoid harassment in both actions and words

Harassment takes many forms and may include:

  • Deliberate intimidation
  • Repeated disruption of classes or programs
  • Unwelcome physical contact
  • Unwelcome sexual attention
  • Verbal comments or displayed images that harmfully reinforce structures of oppression
  • Written contact, such as sexually suggestive or obscene letters, notes, invitations
  • Verbal contact, such as sexually suggestive or obscene comments, threats, slurs, jokes about identity-specific traits, such as gender, race, or national origin
  • Visual contact, such as leering or staring at another's body, gesturing, displaying sexually suggestive pictures or objects
  • Continuing to express sexual or social interest after being informed directly that the interest is unwelcome
  • Using sexual behavior to control, influence or affect the career, salary, or work environment of another

Harassment does not include respectful disagreement or critique in good faith. By their nature, reading and writing include exposure to controversial, challenging, and sometimes offensive language. 

At the core of Write On's mission is the belief that reading and writing create a deep understanding of ourselves and others, thereby encouraging empathy and compassion in our society.

Write On, Door County is located in Fish Creek, Door County, Wisconsin. We acknowledge the First Nations people who are the original inhabitants of the region, having ancient historical and spiritual connections to the land where our organization now resides upon. We acknowledge the First Nations People of Wisconsin specifically the Potawatomi, Winnebago (Ho-Chunk), Ojibwe, Sauk, Noquet, Menominee, and Ottawa people. We acknowledge this space as their land and home.

Through the signing of the 1830 Indian Removal Act, the Potawatomi and other tribes were forced from Wisconsin to other states around the country. The U.S. government removed about 900 Potawatomi in what is known as the Potawatomi Trail of Death, where around 100 members of the tribes died from illness and stress during the forced removal.

These tribes were forced to leave, however, this is still their land and their home and it always will be, and we at Write On, Door County will continue to acknowledge it as such.

Write On, Door County mourns with our community for lives lost to violence and racism and stands with all people striving for a just society.

There is a place for everyone in anti-racism work. No one person or organization can do it all, but together, our collective power is transformative.

Please stand with us as we say, unequivocally: black lives matter. Black lives matter in every city, in every neighborhood, in every rural town, and every village in Wisconsin. We invite you to work in partnership with us to make this statement a reality.

As a member organization of the Wisconsin Poet Laureate Commission, Write On's board of directors approved this statement on immigrants and affirms it as one of our core values:

The rise in angry rhetoric against immigrants, particularly immigrants of color, the policy of child separation, and the treatment of children in detention camps on the Southern Border of the United States point to a climate of xenophobia, in the United States, that is as dehumanizing as it is inhumane. Because we understand that the role of the arts involves education and because we affirm its responsible function in working for justice, with this statement, the Wisconsin Poet Laureate Commission stands with immigrant communities and asserts that immigrants are vital contributors to the social fabric and promise of the United States of America. 

We at Write On cannot stand idly by while the violence against the Asian American and Pacific Islander community continues. The tragic murders on March 16, 2021, of eight people-all but one of them women-in their workplace were horrific and unimaginable. We offer our condolences to their families, and we extend our support to those facing discrimination and living in fear of similar acts every day. We strongly believe every person deserves to feel safe and live peacefully, and we are committed to being an ally for those fighting racial and social injustice.

We'd like to share some resources to help all of us bring about real change. To report an incident of harassment or violence against members of the AAPI community, please visit www.stopaapihate.org and learn ways you can show your support. We also recommend:

We encourage you to visit Kundiman's list of "Literary Organizations that Serve Writers of Color" and consider donating to some of the arts organizations on the list working to support Asian American communities and voices.

Please join us in raising awareness and standing against the hate however you can. If you see something, please say or do something. Together we are stronger.


Read About Us - Peninsula Pulse Oct. 2, 2020 Issue

Thank You to Our Members and Donors


Write On, Door County is grateful for the contributions and generosity of our members. Our Write On family helps us to further our mission of inspiring people to write and share their stories. This list represents all individual members as of December 31, 2021.

    • Melissa Alfredson

      Ann Dee Allen

      Claudia Alt

      Mari Anderson

      Susan Anhalt

      Mithra Ballesteros

      Kathy L Bandstra

      Francha Barnard

      Linda Battaglia

      Marianna Beck

      Carrie R Bedore

      Miriam Ben-Yoseph

      Becca Berger

      Sara Biren

      Joan Blackwood

      Kathleen G. Blankenburg

      Jocelyn Boor

      Nancy Boyd

      Michael Brecke

      Sally Bredehoft

      Anita Bublik-Anderson

      Charles Burgess

      Marianne Canter

      Naomi Carlson

      Susan Cattey

      Rebecca Cavanaugh

      April Cervetti

      Robin Chapman

      Audrey Chowdhury

      Tom & Lisa Clay

      Deb Cleveland

      Cathryn Cofell

      Cathy Conger

      George Conner

      Cecelia Conway

      John Coy

      Trissa Crowley

      Sheri Davenport

      Lisa Davidson

      Bev Davis

      Maureen Davitt

      Donna L. de Camara

      Jane Desmond

      Nancy Cross Dunham

      Mary Dunworth

      Sherri Edwards

      Martha Egan

      Beth Ehlert

      Kathleen Ernst

      Mark Falcone

      Janis Falk Bator

      Ted Fearson

      Heather Fellner-Spetz

      Susan M Foley

      Marianne Fons

      Mary Lou Forier

      Tina Gan

      Hanne Gault

      Tamara Gaumond

      Renee Glembin

      Eloisa Gomez

      Susan Gould

      Jynelle Gracia

      Tori L. Grant Welhouse

      Elise Gregory

      Annette Grunseth

      Jo Guenzel

      Brian Gutheinz

      Judith Gwinn Adrian

      Jane Hamilton

      Jami Hanreddy

      Chris Hansen

      Lisa Harper

      Lindsay Harris

      Mary Hartman

      Lisa Hartmann

      Margaret Hasse

      Marilyn Hein

      Kaye Henrickson

      Ronnie Hess

      Jane Hillstrom

      Liz Hoffman

      Brigid Hogan

      Judy Hollingshead

      Deborah A Hoogesteger

      Lyn Huber

      Lora Hyler

      Raeanne Hytone

      Robert I Almada

      Betsy Iversen

      D'Ann Jackson

      Catherine Jagoe

      Katy Jensen

      A Kaiser

      Nikki Kallio

      Carolyn Kane

      Jean Kapolnek

      Christy Kelly-Bentgen

      Marianne Kenny

      Joel Kitchens

      Tena Klessig

      Jeannie Kokes

      Judy Kolosso

      Joseph Kopec

      Christina Kubasta

      Jackie Langetieg

      Barbara Larsen

      Kim Larson

      Estella Lauter

      Julie L Layton

      Diane LeBlanc

      Margaret LeBrun

      Donna Leighton

      Maureen F Leuba

      Lee LeVoy

      Susan Liguori

      Barbara Loeb

      Peggy Lott

      Carla Luna

      Patricia Mackin

      Thomas Malin

      Constance Malloy

      Florri McMillan

      Michael John Michaels

      Sharon Michalsen

      Susan Mikulay

      Judith Miller

      Marggie Moertl

      Amy Mollberg

      Kay Moore

      Louise Endres Moore

      Natalie Morgan

      Rodney Nelsestuen

      Erika Nelson

      Gillian Nevers

      Martha Newkirk

      Molly L. Newman

      Jan Newport

      June Nirschl

      James Nitz

      Tiffany ODay

      Judi Oldridge

      Kristine Olson

      Kristine Olson

      Courtney E. Pace

      Pam Parker

      Lissa Parr

      David Penpek

      Susan Petroshius

      Carol B Phillips

      Amy Phimister

      Daniel Powers

      Kolleen ("Maggee") Quilici

      Nancy Rafal

      Jim Rasmus

      Hilarie Rath

      Laura Reali

      Joyce Rewolinski

      Carlos Reyes

      Audrey Riley

      Patrick Riordan

      Maery Rose

      LaDona Rowings

      Judy Roy

      Ella Sanco

      Parmit Sandhu

      Bela I Sandor

      Maya Sasi

      Gretchen Schmelzer

      David Schrader

      Cynthia Schumerth

      Renee Schwaller

      Christy Schwan

      Mary Seeberg

      Kathi Seifert

      Holly Selle

      Yvette M. Senger

      Kathleen Serley

      Aretha Sills

      Carol B. Sills

      Maggie Smith

      Mary Spoerke

      Roseann St. Aubin

      Shelley A. St. Jean

      Carol Straubel

      James Streed

      Deena Sutherland

      Janet Swain

      Maggie TerHorst

      Jeanne Topic

      Dianne Trenchard

      Martha Trowe

      Angie Trudell Vasquez

      Peggy Turnbull

      John Tyson

      Rob Van Gemert

      Dawn Volpe

      Carla Ward

      Ed Werstein

      Frances Wiedenhoeft

      Liza Wiemer

      Lee Wilder

      Joan Wilk

      Margaret Williams

      Mary B Wimmer

      Jan Wrede

      Stasku Wrzeszcz

      Bob Zanotti

      Unsie Zuege

Write On, Door County is grateful for the contributions and generosity of our members. Our Write On family helps us to further our mission of inspiring people to write and share their stories. This list represents all family members as of December 31, 2021.

    • Susan & Malcolm Allen

      Fred Amram & Sandra Brick

      William & Heather Andersen

      Billie & Chris Augustian

      David & Jeanne Aurelius

      Al and Laurin Bellg

      Honnie Bermas & Kenneth Branstetter

      Lana Billeaud & John McGinnis

      Patricia & James Blair

      Andrea Boehmer & Lisa Hocevar

      Ann & John Boland

      Frank & Cristy Christensen

      Valerie & Richard Clarizio

      Helene & Edward Conlon

      Daniel Collins & Nancy Aten

      David Tilton & Paula Oeler

      Tom & Ethel Davis

      David de Coriolis & Rhonda Robinson

      Gloria Dougherty

      Anne & Minnow Emerson

      Chuck & Dolly Emerson

      Beth Gullickson & David Nelson

      Gary and JoAnn Henger

      Janna Jacobson & Andrea Gabriel

      Gary & Krista Johnson

      Jack & Carrie Kelly

      Mauricio Kilwein Guevara & Janet Jennerjohn

      Cynthia & Tom Kraack

      Cynthia & Tom LaConte

      Paulette Laufer & Richard Carlson

      Larry & Elfriede LePorte

      Barbara Mackison & Bob Fahrenbach

      Roderick & Kristin MacRae

      James & Gail Mahoney

      Laurie Fallucca & Mark Rowland

      Tim & Marcia McDonough

      Shaun & Susan Melarvie

      Ralls C Melotte

      Andrea Nielson Bartlett

      Rex & Lynette Owens

      Miranda & Baptiste Paul

      Eric & Dee Paulsen

      Jerod Santek & Brian Bergee

      Sara & Ed Sarna

      John & Jackie Sawyer

      Kirk & Donna Scattergood

      Thomas & Pamela Schaefer

      Linda & Larry Shelton

      Peter & Carrie Sherrill

      Kathlin F. & James Sickel

      Sara & Steve Sohns

      Karen & David Studebaker

      Lisa Stukenberg

      Pete & Roberta Thelen

      Sue Twiggs

      Allison Vroman & Jon Parsons

      Lauren & Travis Ward

      Kristin Wegner & Eric Howe

      Thomas Pecore & Denise Low Weso

      David Zuckerman

Write On, Door County is grateful for the contributions and generosity of our members. Our Write On family helps us to further our mission of inspiring people to write and share their stories. This list represents all youth and student members as of December 31, 2021.

    • Alix Chamorro

      Ellis Chamorro

      Emma Kerkman

      Isabel Salazar

      Haley Stevens

      Justina Zukauskaite

Our Book & Writing Club Members are our advocates and partners. Their membership affords them the use of the Writing Center, among other benefits. This list represents all club members as of December 31, 2021.

  • Dennis B Appleton

    Sharon Auberle

    Carolyn Browne

    Christine DeSmet

    Friends of Lorine Niedecker, Inc.

    George Harmon

    Karl & Carol Hertz

    Eager Readers

    Deborah A Hoogesteger

    Women's Writers Group

    Kathy LaBelle

    Bonnie Mirkiewicz

    Michael Morrison

    Sherry Mutchler


    John Torinus

Our Business Members are our advocates and partners. We are grateful for their continued support in the wider community. This list represents all business members as of December  31, 2021.   

These donors were generous with goods, services, and gifts of property as of December 31, 2021. We are deeply grateful.

  • Sylvia Acevedo

    Blackbird Bake Shop

    Door County Coffee & Tea

    Door County Event Planners

    Stephen and Suzanne Evans

    Janis Falk

    Flora Flower Shop

    Main Street Market

    Peach Barn Brewing Company

    Red Barn

    Jerod Santek and Brian Bergee

    Wickman House

This is a listing of those who have donated to the Annual Fund of Write On, Door County from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021.

Your gift deserves to be acknowledged. If we have made an error, please notify us immediately so that we may correct the inadvertent error. If you would like to remain anonymous in the future, please reach out to us.

In 2022, we are updating our member/donor software. Please contact us if you notice any inaccuracies on this list.

  • Linda & Jim Adams

    Susan & Malcolm Allen

    Mike & Helene Anderson

    Craig & Shari Asher

    John Asher

    Francha Barnard

    Steven & Susan Bell

    James & Jean Berkenstock

    Sarah Besadny

    Lana Billeaud & John McGinnis

    Tom & Linda Birmingham

    Kathleen G. Blankenburg

    Bev B Blietz

    Edwin Block & Suzanne Ryer

    Andrea Boehmer & Lisa Hocevar

    Clay & Poodie Bonin

    Steven & Vicki Borsheim

    Michael Brecke

    Paul Brophy

    Carlson & Erickson Builders

    Mark Cebulski

    David & Betty Chomeau

    Charlie Claggett

    Tom & Meg Claggett

    Valerie & Richard Clarizio

    Tom & Lisa Clay

    Kathleen L Cobb

    Helene & Edward Conlon

    Bonnie & Dennis Connolly

    Linda Conway

    Bob Cozby

    Ted & Barbara Crabb

    Susan Cubar & Thomas Jordan

    Curt & Sue Culver

    Anne & Myles Dannhausen, Jr.

    Tom & Ethel Davis

    John DeDakis

    Peter & Gina Deschler

    Bruce Dethlefsen & Sue Allen

    Rebecca Dosch Brown

    Chuck & Joanne Dull

    Sherri & David Edwards

    Michael Elkow

    Anne & Minnow Emerson

    Alan & Cindy Finesilver

    Fountain of Fellowship

    Don Fraker & Maja Jurisic

    Frog & Toad Fund

    Don & Barbara Fuhrmann

    Dr. Jenna Goldsmith

    Chuck & Cathy Gress

    Cathy Grier

    Marge & Steve Grutzmacher

    Judith Gwinn Adrian

    Jami & Joe Hanreddy

    George & Judy Harmon

    Bill & Mary Hartman

    Nell & John Herlache

    Ann & David Heyse

    Hislop Foundation

    Judy Hollingshead

    J-Kem Electronics, Inc.

    Ann & Mark Jinkins

    John and Laurel Hauser Family Foundation

    Al & Cynthia Barnes Johnson

    Charlotte & Richard Johnston

    Lynn Kaczmarek & Mack Bonk

    Athena Kildegaard

    David & Kendall Koehler

    Sonja Laughlin Koenig

    Kathy Kouzmanoff

    Dale & Burton Kushner

    Kathryn Kysar

    Mynn Lanphier

    Carol E. Larson

    Carrie Lautenbach-Viste

    Estella & Chuck Lauter

    Mary & Raphael LeBrun

    Lenfestey Family Foundation

    Maureen F Leuba

    Karen & Walter Lischick

    Cynthia E Little

    Margaret Lockwood &

    Alin Walker

    Peggy Lott

    Charlotte Lukes

    Doug MacNeil

    Roderick & Kristin MacRae

    Tamara Madison

    Sally McEvoy

    John M McGinnis

    Chuck Mead

    David & Marion Meissner

    Michael & Ann Morgan

    Michael Morrison

    JoAnn Mueller

    Erika Nelson

    Network For Good

    David & Lori Nicholas

    Steve & Kaaren Northrop

    Tracy & Carl Nusbaum

    Maryanne & Eamon O'Dowd

    Lady & Ted Olson

    On Deck Clothing Company

    Gail Onan

    Lissa Parr

    Paul & Margaret Lurie Family Fund

    Miranda & Baptiste Paul

    Eric & Dee Paulsen

    Matthew &

    Marianne Joy Peterson

    Lynda M Pietruszka

    Daniel Powers

    Richard Purinton

    Nancy Rafal

    Jim & Martha Rasmus

    Marise Redmann

    Drew & Kristi Richmond

    Judy Ritter

    George & Kristi Roenning

    Elizabeth Sachs

    Marlene Salley

    Lucy Sanna

    Jerod Santek & Brian Bergee

    Sara & Ed Sarna

    John & Jackie Sawyer

    Kirk & Donna Scattergood

    Schmitz Insurance LLC

    Mary Schmitz

    Kathi Seifert

    Jim & Carol Sensenbrenner

    Charles & Barbara Shakal

    Peter & Carrie Sherrill

    Matt Shumway & Ruby Shumway Pediangco

    Tony Staroska & Rebecca Carlton

    John & Jane Stevenson

    Stone's Throw Winery

    Tim & Sue Stone

    Karen & David Studebaker

    Jill Stukenberg

    The Leonard Apfelbach

    Charitable Fund

    John Torinus

    Alison Townsend

    Robert & Mary Trainer

    Dianne Trenchard

    Mark Turcotte

    Lynde Uihlein, Brico Fund

    Julie Van Klooster

    Kathleen Waldvogel

    Diana Wallace

    Gail Ward & Mary Faha

    Francis & Mary Wasielewski

    David & Holly Weber

    Kristin Wegner & Eric Howe

    William White

    Lynn Wiese Sneyd

    Margaret Williams

    Gene & Carmen Witt

    Cap & Mary Wulf

    Judie Yamamoto

    Young Automotive Inc

    Jeannine K Zahran

    Phyllis Zatlin

    Unsie Zuege & Mark Webster

This is a listing of those who have donated to Write On, Door County from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021. Your gift deserves to be acknowledged. If we have made an error, please notify us immediately so that we may correct the inadvertent error. If you would like to remain anonymous in the future, please reach out to us.

In 2022, we are updating our member/donor software. Please contact us if you notice any inaccuracies on this list.

    • Anonymous (3)

      Jeffrey Alsdorf

      Claudia Alt

      David & Jeanne Aurelius

      Nicholas Babson

      Patty Baker

      Laurin & Al Bellg

      Walter Benoist

      Julia Berkowitz

      Bret & Cari Bicoy

      Patricia & James Blair

      Clay & Poodie Bonin

      Steven & Vicki Borsheim

      Dan & Peg Bresnahan

      Caitlin Oleson

      R. David & La Vonne Callsen

      Betty Anne Carlin

      Elizabeth Carlin

      Debra Chapman

      Robin Chapman

      Jane A Charlton

      Frank & Cristy Christensen

      Tom & Meg Claggett

      Carol Connell

      Chris Cramer

      Susan Cubar & Thomas Jordan

      Carolyn Curiel

      Tom & Ethel Davis

      Donna L. de Camara

      Door County Community Foundation, Inc.

      Gloria Dougherty

      Lynda Drews

      Jane Drury

      Chuck & Dolly Emerson

      Steve & Keresa Ericksen

      Nancy Fishman

      Nancy & Jim Forbes

      Gerri Friedberg

      Friends of Lorine Niedecker, Inc.

      Gene and Zola Hardwick Family Foundation

      Eloisa Gomez

      Barbara S. Gould

      Tori L. Grant Welhouse

      Chuck & Cathy Gress

      Annette Grunseth

      Donald Hagengruber

      Deb Hagman-Shannon

      George & Judy Harmon

      Lindsay Harris

      Jane Hensge

      Karl & Carol Hertz

      Ann & David Heyse

      Donna Hilbert

      Bill Hinchliff

      Hislop Foundation

      John and Laurel Hauser Family Foundation

      Grace Johnson

      Lynn Kaczmarek & Mack Bonk

      Carolyn Kane

      Mauricio Kilwein Guevara & Janet Jennerjohn

      Sherry Billett & Joel Kitchens

      Adel B Korkor

      Meredith Koenig Kreiss

      Kathryn Kysar

      Paulette Laufer & Richard Carlson

      Kathryn Lerch

      Susan Livengood

      Peggy Lott

      Barbara Mackison & Bob Fahrenbach

      Lizabeth Maltman

      Brooke McEwen

      Shaun & Susan Melarvie

      Bob & Linda Merline

      Kay Moore

      Dipika Mukherjee

      Ralph Murre

      Sherry Mutchler

      Rodney Nelsestuen

      Martha Newkirk

      David & Lori Nicholas

      Jay Nichols

      James O'Brien

      Melissa Olm

      Lady & Ted Olson

      Gorgas & Sherry Paulsen

      Hilary Pennington

      David Penpek

      Maggie Peterman

      Daniel Powers

      J.T. Reidy

      Steve R. Romano

      LaDona Rowings

      Margaret Sankey

      Jerod Santek & Brian Bergee

      Lisa Schab

      Gretchen Schmelzer

      Kathi Seifert

      Jim & Carol Sensenbrenner

      Peter & Carrie Sherrill

      Peter Sloma

      Michael & Shelley A. St. Jean

      Barbara Stanton

      Gwen Stern

      John & Jane Stevenson

      David Strong

      Karen & David Studebaker

      Lisa Stukenberg

      Joseph Tachovsky

      Tim & Sue Stone

      Tom and Bev Lisle Fund

      John Tyson

      Betsy Wallman

      Cathy & Jeff Ward

      Kathleen Welch & Shelley Hearne

      Jason & Sarah White

      William White

      Lee Wilder

      Karen Wilson

This is a listing of those who have donated to Write On, Door County's Legacy Fund from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021. Your gift deserves to be acknowledged. If we have made an error, please notify us immediately so that we may correct the inadvertent error. If you would like to remain anonymous in the future, please reach out to us.

In 2022, we are updating our member/donor software. Please contact us if you notice any inaccuracies on this list.

  • Catherine Ditto
  • Mary Ditto
  • Nicholas Ditto
  • Margaret LeBrun & David Allen Family
  • Kathi Seifert


  • Tim and Marcia McDonough

Write On, Door County is grateful for the contributions and generosity of our donors.

This list represents all donors who donated towards a program sponsorship in 2021.

In 2022, we are updating our member/donor software. Please contact us if you notice any inaccuracies on this list.

  • Kim Schey-Scuglik | Kids WOW!

    Kim Schey-Scuglik | Dick Scuglik Memorial Scholarship

    Edgewood Orchard Children's Fund | Lost Words Trail Program

    Jerod Santek & Brian Bergee | Poetry Conference Sponsor

    Jerod Santek & Brian Bergee | Mystery Conference Sponsor

    Minnow and Anne Emerson | Poetry Conference Sponsor

    Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant | Annual Gala, Presenting Sponsor

    Peninsula Pulse, LLC | Annual Gala, Major Sponsor

    Washington Island Ferry Line, Inc. | Washington Island Literary Festival

    Marianne Fons | Washington Island Literary Festival

    Larry & Rebecca Majewski, Parador | Mystery Conference Sponsor

    Nicolet Bank | Mystery Conference Sponsor

Coop Finds a Home

Norbert Blei was one of Door County's best-known writers. For almost 45 years, he wrote in his chicken coop-turned writing studio at his home in Ellison Bay. Norb passed away in 2013, at the time that Write On was getting started. The Blei family donated the Coop to Write On, with the understanding that it would be used by other writers in the spirit Norb intended. In August of 2015, the Coop was moved to Write On. It now stands in a sunny meadow and serves as a source of inspiration to Write On's residents as well as to members of our community. Blei's typewriters continue to serve as inspiration to visitors of the Coop.