Poetry Meets Music

Jun 30, 2022 7:00PM—9:00PM


Kress Pavilion
7845 Church St.
Egg Harbor, WI 54209

Cost $35.00


Write On is happy to resume our collaboration with Midsummer’s Music, Poetry Meets Music. At one concert in each of Midsummer’s series offerings, a poet will read a poem written in response to a piece of music to be performed. Poets were given recordings in advance with no identifying information as to the title, composer, era, etc., and were asked not to look up this information. The result is a poem composed entirely in response to the emotions or memories the music evokes. 

For tonight’s concert, we are pleased to present one of our writers-in-residence, Sarah Nance. Tonight’s concert presents the Griffon String Quartet performing works by Dimitri Shostakovich and Felix Mendelssohn. To order tickets, please visit Midsummer’s Music


Sarah Nance grew up in Green Bay and completed her B.A. in English and creative writing at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and her Ph.D. from the University of California, Los Angeles. She is an assistant professor in medical humanities at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado. Her work and reviews have appeared in numerous journals and magazines, including Arizona QuarterlyLiterature and Medicine, the Journal of Literary and Cultural Disability Studies, and The Los Angeles Review of Books. A lyric novella was short-listed for Gold Line Press’s chapbook prize. She was the recipient of a Quarry Farm Fellowship in Creative Writing from the Center for Mark Twain Studies in 2020.