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“Writing organizations like Write On do a lot of things that are really vital. They bring people together to think and listen and talk and celebrate. I think that’s one of the most important elements of community. Sometimes it’s young people I meet who want to be writers and it’s not something they’re encouraged to do. And there’s a sense of sorrow that comes with not having access to the affirmation that what you love is valid.”
–Tracy K. Smith, U.S. Poet Laureate

In this month of giving, please donate to the good work of Write On, Door County!

Write On, Door County focuses on the importance of writing and reading and the ability of people to connect through stories. We provide a beautiful and inspiring retreat for writers on 39 acres in the middle of the Door County peninsula and conduct classes, programs, and special events throughout the county for all ages and experience levels.

Chicago playwrights Jenny Magnus and Beau O'Reilly headline an evening of sharing stories about the holidays. Tuesday, December 18, 5 pm, at the Lightbox in Ephraim. View calendar for full details.

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Write On, Door County is seeking its first-ever Managing Director to creatively partner with Artistic Director Jerod Santek and lead us to the next level in our development as a vital nonprofit arts organization.
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Celebrate the birthday of a favorite author, observe an anniversary, or mark a special event in your life by sponsoring a day at Write On.
For $250, you’ll help instill a love of reading and writing that will last a lifetime!


December 5 is sponsored by George Harmon in honor of
Christina Rossetti's birthday.