When I decided to stay in Door County for another summer, I thought it would just be the same as every other summer. I would be working as a waitress, going on walks with the dogs and taking the occasional morning fishing trip. I had just graduated from Winona State University with my degree in Applied Linguistics and never once thought that I would get the opportunity to do something in the English field on our little peninsula.

My post-graduation plans changed due to the current circumstances, but I was lucky enough to see a post on Facebook for an internship opportunity at Write On, Door County. I knew very little about this organization, but I decided to do some research on it and take the opportunity that was before me. Flash forward to today and I am sitting here at Write On, Door County where I am getting to write, do research and getting the opportunity to meet and learn about so many amazing board members and writers who I would not know even lived here if it had not been for this internship.

When I was growing up in Door County, writing and reading were the two things that I really enjoyed doing. I was not a fan of sports, I had very little interest in being a doctor or a nurse and the only subject I liked in school was English. With that being said, I was definitely the odd one out. Neither of my parents are really into reading or writing and I did not have many opportunities growing up to learn about different types of literature or how to better my writing.

Now today, that is one of the reasons why I am sitting here. I have learned so much in my fours years of college about reading and writing that I wish I would have known much, much sooner. The mission at Write On, Door County really spoke to me because I want to continue to help foster a love for reading and writing in the youth of Door County. Personally speaking, I do not think there is a much better skill than knowing how to write well and having knowledge about all the great books that are out there in the world.

I have spent about two weeks now in my internship position at Write On, and I would have to say the coolest thing I have seen is the new space that this organization is building. Even though it is unfinished, I can already imagine the amount of opportunity and experience that it will bring to so many people, both young and old. Not only is a space for writing, it is also a place to learn about types of writing and authors, something that I really did not get a chance to do before I left for college.  I am not only excited for this internship to allow myself to learn about more authors, books, novels, and poems but I am almost more excited to get to share that with the people of Door County. Reading and writing have always been one of my favorite pastimes and I cannot wait to help other people discover that passion as well.

It is only just the beginning of my internship here, but so far, I have very high hopes and I cannot wait to see what amazing things happen this summer.

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