Hello hello friends! Jasa Scheierman, Write On, Door County 2021 Intern here to share a few thoughts from my first week of internship. I am so excited to be joining this community, and look forward to collaborating on this blog with others about my time here on this lovely peninsula! This post was written after my first day on the job at Write On. I hope it will encourage y’all to lean into the senses that bring up memories for you. In our on-the-go culture, remembering seems to be a lost art. However, when we take the time to rest and reflect, we are able to live from the healthiest versions of ourselves we can be.


Day one of my internship at Write On, Door County and already I am blown away with blessing! This place is such a safe haven for not only writers but also for those who simply want to get away and rest, reflect, or remember. As myself and my sweet co-internee Lia were getting the grand tour of all of the land, locations, and buildings, something that my manager Lauren pointed out caused me to take a step back and do some reflecting of my own.


We were walking to Norbert Blei’s chicken coop, a tucked away shed among the 39 acres of property at Write On, when we passed a lilac bush. For a split second Lauren paused, leaned towards the purple bunches of flowers, and breathed in their scent. For her, this smell reminded her of the upcoming high school graduation. As the tour continued, all I could think about was how we all tend to have those smells that take us back. For Lauren, it was lilacs and high school graduation. For myself it is the smell of Tommy Girl perfume reminding me of my mom, or lavender and thieves essential oil that brings to mind my college roommate. It fascinates me the power that remembering has on our lives that our brains tie smells to them.


Even though not all of the smells that stimulate our memories consist of smiles, laughter, and hugs, they are indicative of the life that we have lived. Heading into week two of internship and my time in Door County, there are some new smells that I know will take me back to my time here.


I call the loft above the summer kitchen home. Nestled off of Orchard Road in Ephraim, Wisconsin the Brimi property passed down through generations of the Gould family contains the coziest of cottages and Norwegian themed architecture. My loft is one of those places. To see this room all you need to do is think “log cabin”. Upon climbing the winding staircase, you land on the front balcony. As the screen door swings open, you breathe in the fresh smell of pine and musty dust air. With a massive rug to cover the wood floor, walking across the room you’ll reach the back of the room where a second screen door reveals a shaded balcony. I have found that with no air conditioning anywhere in the loft, keeping the back door open is a must for survival. It is that sweet pine dusted scent that I will forever tie in my memory to my summer post college graduation living above the summer kitchen. When I look back on the smells that tell the story of the life I have lived, I hope that they will be ones that pushed me towards something greater instead of weaker, bigger instead of smaller, and full instead of empty.


Jasa S.

About Jasa Scheierman

Jasa joins Write On, Door County from the great state of Nebraska. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Strategic Communication, her passion for people to live a better life story has driven her to be the best communicator she can be. She first discovered her zeal for people and their stories after launching a social media campaign called Beyond the Jersey. As a collegiate athlete, she realized many of her teammates did not have a space for their talents outside of the playing field to be featured. A firm believer in utilizing social media for positive impact, Jasa is excited to come alongside an organization that encourages and provides a safe space for everyone to dive into the unique value each of their stories possess. “To have stumbled upon this gem of an organization while leafing through employment opportunities in the Door County area has truly been one of the biggest blessings ever! I am extremely excited to meet new people, hear their stories, and be a part of something bigger than myself here at Write On.”

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