What an amazing last few weeks it has been! We had our Virtual Grand Opening and although technology may have caused a glitch here and there, we were all very proud of how it turned out. Even though we could not welcome everyone to the Writing Center in person, we thought this was the next best plan and doing the live video allowed all of the viewers to get to see the new building and see and hear from just some of the people that made it all happen. I was keeping track of the comment on the live stream, and seeing all the congratulations and well wishes was so heartwarming and inspiring! We really look forward to welcoming you to the space in person in the future! 

After the Virtual Grand Opening, we opened the center for tours and so far, we have had a great turnout. Many of the board members brought their families in to see the new space and I enjoyed getting to know most of them and showing them around. Not only were there family members of board members, but there were also Write On members and Door County visitors who saw the space on a nice fall drive. I loved getting the opportunity to show everyone around and hear their experiences with Write On, or just to tell them a little bit about the time that I have spent here. 

I only have about two months left here and I’m already not looking forward to leaving. I love getting the chance to meet new people who love and care about writing, but I know the space is in great hands and will continue to thrive…and I look forward to coming back for a visit! 

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