We are just one week away from the Virtual Grand Opening! I finished sending out all of our invitations and it is just incredible to see the amount of people who have all been involved in this organization from the very beginning. 

Through my work with the social media platforms I have really enjoyed getting to know different organizations and around Wisconsin that have similar passions and goals as we do here at Write On. It is interesting in many ways, but I now know of even more places to check out when I’m out and about! 

I have also loved getting to meet more resident writers and visitors that come into the Writing Center while I’m here. The look on their faces is a great feeling and it has been incredible to hear them talk about how they have been watching and waiting for this building to finally be finished. We have also been getting a lot of messages and comments from people who are excited to come and enjoy the center when it is safe, and we can’t wait either! 

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