July 21st, 2020

It has now been a few weeks since I began my internship with Write On and I can hardly express the connection that I already feel between myself and this organization. Our new building is almost ready and I am anxiously awaiting the day that we all get to move into the brand new space that will be the location for so many great events. The construction is taking longer than expected and while I cannot wait to move in, I will admit I do enjoy seeing the small pieces come together that will create the new Writing Center. 

In these past few weeks I helped to host our first Family Days Event of the year. I assisted our Artistic Director, Jerod in planning this event and setting up when the day came. We used signs that contained all of the pages to a children’s book and posted them throughout one of the trails near the new Writing Center. I can see my passion for this organization growing because I wanted so many families to come to this event and get the chance to explore, read and write. Unfortunately, it was a fairly wet and rainy day and not as many people came as we had hoped. However, one family with three boys came and at the end, they told me all about the story they had read and all the things that they wrote about. I absolutely loved that. I might be because I want to be a teacher one day, but it was so cool to see kids get excited about what they just wrote about. All these kids needed was a reason to write and they just let their imaginations go. What a cool day! 

Recently, I have also begun to do some research on our upcoming Craft of Writing Series authors, which has been so cool. A lot of the times that I read a new book, I don’t do nearly enough research on the author of that book. By doing this research, I have found out how these authors and poets began writing, tips they have for aspiring writers and so much valuable information of what their stories mean to them or where they came from. Up until doing this, I didn’t consider how much doing some research on a book before reading it could impact the reading process itself. I was so engrossed in some of the authors that I even ordered one of their books! I told myself I had to finish my other book first before I start to buy more! 

All in love, I am still loving my time with Write On and I look forward to the weeks ahead! 

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