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Come Visit Our "POET TREE"

The POET TREE contains book covers by 100 living American poets.

The poets and books represent a wide range. Some poets are well known; others are just coming into their careers. Some work in formal verse; some are spoken word artists.

There are poets who are teachers as well as physicians, lawyers, community organizers, public servants, and former military personnel. There are survivors of cancer, domestic violence, and other trauma. There are voices of immigrants and refugees. There are poets who have advanced college degrees and poets who never completed high school.

This is a small sampling of the diversity of contemporary American poetry. When you open a book of poetry, you engage in a conversation with that person. You better understand the lives of people who are just like you, as well as the lives of people very different from you.

Poet Elizabeth Acevedo
Poet Elizabeth Acevedo
Poet Kazim Ali
Poet Kazim Ali

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