We have moved in! Well, for the most part. We are finally working from our new Writing Center! It has been longer than what was originally planned, but that doesn’t make us any less excited to be here now. I have only been working at the new Center for a few days, but it has already been incredible to see how many people have stopped by to congratulate us or to just take in the new space. Since I have not been living in Door County for the past four years due to being in college, I somewhat forgot what kind of passion Door County residents have for things like this, especially the ones who have been invested for so long and have been waiting to see this dream become a reality! 

Recently, we hosted our second workshop in our first Craft of Writing Series. This workshop was led by Rebecca Makkai and it was such a good experience. Like I mentioned in my last post, I had never really thought about the process an author has to go through when writing a book but let me tell you, it is one heck of a process. With that being said, Rebecca gave so much great information on how to handle the process and again, it was so rewarding to see the participants getting so much out of the workshop. 

One of my favorite things that I have been doing in my time here at Write On is running and creating the social media posts. Although social media can be a pain and oftentimes extremely overwhelming, it is such a great tool to connect with people and get the word out about an organization. It has been really awesome to see the comments we receive on our posts, whether it is from people commenting on the new building or expressing how excited they are for the upcoming class. Throughout high school and even into college, writing was usually an activity that my classmates dreaded and it is so refreshing to see people who cannot wait to write and I am really hoping that during my time here, I can make that the feeling for so many more people. 

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